Friday, February 11, 2011

2010 till December period

Receive to report to the police, white alkali pool public security official branch office criminal police the big brigade immediately launch to investigate.From the bank access style record up suggest, display of the wages card is from June, 2010 till December period, totally six times withdraw money, take away total 9000 dollars of cash.
Each time withdraw money is all 1500 dollars, and all display to pay salary to withdraw money after two days, obviously person to acquaint with towards displaying pretty much.
The younger sister displaying reflection, she runs into to display for many times of daughter Xiao Be soft to buy thing for classmate or invite classmate to have a meal.
Display to say, he gives the daughter is pocket money very limited, the daughter is impossibly rich to invite classmate of consumption, however sometimes the Xiao is soft will steal money in the home, because is all fraction sum, he don,t take care of.

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