Thursday, February 24, 2011

After stopping warm affairs occurrence

This year is one beginning of the month, the Lin Zhou downtown influences city area due to toring down "small fire electricity" the winter of 5000 residents Louis Vuitton Scarves adopt as usual warm.This reports on January 13 once took 《the small fire power station tored down 5000 residents to have no warm could adopt 》 as carry on report.
After stopping warm affairs occurrence, Lin Zhou is city hall quickly start meet an emergency a reaction mechanism, adopt remediable measure, guarantee residents in the city with all strength as early as possible instauration adopt warm.Successively urgently adjust to carry 8 set boilers from the other parts of country, according to the city city area residents small area and distributing of parties concerned circumstance, install original 3 to be provided for heat to order respectively Gucci Scarves up.

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