Friday, February 11, 2011

The wife

Municipally carat Ma people displays(use alias) to say, the morning of January 8, he wants to take some money, could rummage in home don,t also find out wages card, he hurriedly arrives a bank reporting of loss.
"The card inside penny money also has no, savings all take away."After displaying a reporting of loss, the staff member of the bank says.
"Is impossible!"Display to say, since last June, he has never taken money, monthly the wages of 1500 dollars, the unit will be paying salary a day to beat into and plus surplus amount, the card internal help should have 10,000 dollars.
The wife, who displays, gets a mental illness long term at home, 12-year-old daughter Xiao is soft(use alias) to attend a junior high school grade two, all of a three people is life near display part-time job to burn boiler maintenance, day lead of very thrifty, after throwing money, display quickly report to the police.

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